Sunshine Industries is committed to a safe work place. We believe in a 0% accident rate. Our position is all accidents are preventable. We believe a total commitment to our safety plans will insure the elimination of all accidents.

Our dedication to this belief is reflected in our equipment purchases from harnesses, to perimeter warning line, safety stands, and safety cable tie-off systems. Each and every employee is given a corporate safety manual and trained on all of the aspects of this manual. An employee signoff is required before they begin work. Employees are trained on various aspects of workplace hazards on a monthly basis as a minimum.

No project begins without a Site Safety Plan. This plan is generated by our dedicated safety officer and reviewed by the highest level of management.

The first physical step to the beginning of all projects is the installation of all safety equipment before the first hour of work is begun.

Sunshine Industries complies and exceeds all OSHA requirements. Our inspection of electrical cords and Ground Fault Equipment is performed at the beginning of every day. Any cords not meeting the OSHA requirement is immediately taken out of service.