Single Ply Membrane

Abingdon Roofing has over 25 years of experience installing single-ply roof systems. Our project list and building types is extensive. We are certified installers of single-ply membranes for many manufacturers. Our installation crews participate in hands on training and perform reviews of manufacturer's installation specifications on each project.

We offer EPDM, TPO, and PVC single-ply membrane solutions tailored to the customer and building needs.

Single-ply membranes give the building owner and the roofing contractor a quick low cost solution to low slope and flat roof issues. We can offer material and labor no dollar limit, NDL, warranties on all of our single-ply solutions.

Single-ply membranes are used on flat and low-slope roof construction types. An innovative solution in single-ply membrane is metal panel retrofit. See our project history for more information.

We are certified for the following single-ply manufactures: