Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

What is the highest risk to a rooftop PV installation? For almost all building owners it is the roof system and the integrity of the installation. Any roof issues such as leaks or maintenance requirements can be extremely costly due to overburden of the Solar PV system. Overburden is the cost to remove the Solar PV system to perform the maintenance on the roof.

Due to this issue, alone a correctly designed roof system and appropriately chosen Solar PV system which will work in conjunction with the roof system is very important.

Abingdon Roofing is a licensed Solar PV contractor. Our in house staff can provide a Turnkey Solar PV solution. We have a licensed electrical engineer for the design and permitting process, we have trained rooftop personnel for the installation, and we can provide remote monitoring for long term maintenance of the system.

We can assist in preparation of the documents to obtain the 30% federal tax credits and any utility or state credits. These financial vehicles allow for accelerated payoff and reduced payback of the system.